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We offer excellent health seminar and retreat programs.

June 15-19, 2014

A Letter from the Director

Dear Friend:

This invitation is sent for you to take advantage of our next Lifestyle Retreat session.

A new year has just begun. You may want to consider a new start with learning new skills in medical missionary work that can be very lucrative to you while you are doing God's work. There are millions around you that are perishing in ignorance and through the Health Message coupled with outstanding skills, you may begin your outreach immediately and improve your own health. It is time to stop the allergies, colds, scratchy throat, aches, acid reflux, etc....

Learn how to take control of your health and help others do the same.


Constance M. Carlson and Staff

2017 Retreats Calendar


Presented by Oasis Ministries and LifeTree Wellness Ministry

March 26 - April 16, 2017

Price: $1,110.00 covers complete room and board, special personal cleansing, herbal treatment, organic raw gourmet food, complete hands-on participation, outstanding class seminars, books and more ... Call 931-589-3445 for further information.

Check in: after 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 26th.

Pay your registration fee by phone or pay online below.


Come and learn Aromatherapy massage, gourmet raw food, specific skills in Hydrotherapy, Skin Care, Practical Herbology, all with hands-on methodology, and in a great natural environment. Click the link for a full description of the Medical Missionary Applied Arts program.


Blue Throated
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