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About Us

The history of the Oasis Lifestyle Retreat Center.

How it all started...
It has been a long time, but I remember every event as if it were today.
How I am now where I am, leading a Lifestyle Retreat, promoting health through education?   

Constance Carlson

My name is Constance Carlson
Since my youth, teaching was my passion.  I can remember playing school, being always the teacher.  Needless to say that my life career was Education.  I graduated from Andrews University with a bachelors degree in Secondary Education, with major and minor in Foreign Languages. I continued my studies with a masters degree in Educational Administration, followed by a masters degree in Romance Languages at Michigan State University where I also taught languages. Desiring more education, I pursued a higher degree in Curriculum.  This was my background prior to teaching at Valencia Community College and Broward Community College, and little did I know that God was calling me to another way of life.

Discovering the Health Message
While in Florida I met Pat and Willard Kauffman in the Mount Dora SDA Church. They were conducting a Cooking Class using the Weimar program.  I was flabbergasted.  Everything seemed to be so new to me that I jumped in body and soul.  I began to study health and related subjects with passion, sharing and teaching in my own living room on Sundays.  Then followed I TEN TALENTS in Groveland with Dr. Hurd and his wife, bought their books, and attended a Medical Missionary Training for three full months with FOCUS ON HEALTH.  I then registered at Clayton for a doctoral in Naturopathy and with a focus on Herbology.  With my husband Chuck's encouragement, we prepared cassettes for radio programs, VHS videos on cooking, the original diet and much more...

Teaching the Health Message
While teaching at the Community College, I found time to give health lectures on weekends, either in churches or at home, and often travelled across the United States holding weekly or weekend seminars.  My husband and I then moved to Tennessee and founded the Oasis Lifestyle Retreat in 2006.  My husband and I praise God who led us to a better understanding of the Health Message.    

The Oasis Lifestyle Retreat
We welcome you to our retreat seminars. From the beginning, we wanted to create an atmosphere where people could learn how to live a happier, healthier, and longer life. The campus is located in Clifton, Tennessee, just two hours from Nashville in a tranquil, serene 28-acre setting.

View of the Oasis Lifestyle Retreat Center

Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire people to learn God's plan and for them to pass that information on to their families, friends & strangers, co-workers, associates, community, and fellow worshippers.

View of the Balcony.

Rufous Humming Birds

They are the most relentess hummingbird in the country. They will even go after larger hummingbirds in their pursuit of feeding grounds. The male's plummage is bright orange and the female plummage is green-and-orange.

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